Please find our core activities and project types we excel in. The one we grew, restructured and expanded are also the ones we delivered as desired and actually continue their life cycle outside of P&P invest portfolio. Some of the ones we currently work on, you may still learn about here.

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P&P invest actively searches for land and projects where private investors facing underperforming assets or lack in-house asset management knowledge or simply are not passionate to perform needed load of tasks, converting their asset into shining pearl with creative newly added value, we step in with smile and dedication. Restructuring or developing from scratch real estate are converted into objects of desire and sought collections.

Our objective also in development sector remains the same in maximizing asset`s value and its potential. From asset oversight, operational and development planning and realization, market positioning, negotiations, evaluation, due diligences with new acquisitions, asset growth and where needed expert litigation support, we are with and for you.

The Castle Olbrück development - The Trophy Asset in Germany

11th century medieval German castle recreation development with 20 HA of land One of a kind 11th century castle (market offers mainly castles from early 13th and 15th century), purchased as a distressed asset while previously in a severe condition.

Five years long process of repaying all loans for which the land has been given as pledge, with the oldest pledge from 1879 in Gold Marks . For the first time in history castle and its land are all in one. (History tells about The Olbrück as very popular gift of emperors, that proudly offered their trophy asset but never a whole just "a piece of it") Full renovation of historical tower and gates realised, renovation of lower gates ongoing Full historical survey has been conducted, discovering that the castle had once been in the ownership of great emperors.

Close collaboration with municipality, government, environment protectors, and historic preservation bodies approved the issuance of the hotel development permit within the protected landscape, and several architectural studies ongoing preparing for the built - permit.

HVS feasibility study in place - 80 rooms luxury spa destination property proposed Marriott international management agreement ready project with intention of the 'Autograph Collection' brand confirmed due to unique historical significance with modern hotel facilities, a unique destination for weddings, private VIP concerts and events etc. Sotheby's recognized unique combination of historical significance and revenue generating asset.

Location Attributes: Nürburgring: world capital of Formula 1 - 20km away; private airport 15min away; heliport ready; no 5* hotel competition in surrounding area; nearby Bonn - ideal destination for meetings of diplomats; nearby Wuppertal, home of Bayer Pharma AG - ideal for pharmaceuticals industry conferences etc. Tesla developing the new factory near by etc. Ideal tranquille rejuvenating destination (Discrete special treatment clinic).

Castle Olbrück
Castle Olbrück
Castle Olbrück
Castle Olbrück
Castle Olbrück
Castle Olbrück


At P&P Invest we treat the Intellectual Property (IP) shall it be the form of patents, trademarks, industrial designs, trade secrets, geographical indications, copyrighted works, and similar types of property, with the highest respect as we learned and realized its potential in delivering economic returns in all phases of products life cycles. We consider IP as specific economic asset and with its value, optimized by correct approach as the untapped potential as for regional so the international level. Close cooperation and access to research and development scientist, we support,, made us the incubator for new ideas and materialization in any type of industry, finally with the desired economic return. Technology acquisition and promotion brought also in combined way with other types of asset added value and new revenue streams.

Fiber Tec®

Communicating composite reinforcements with data recording

Composite reinforcement Fiber Tec®

As a building material, steel wrote success in history at the time of the Industrial Revolution. However, steel also has flaws. The low resistance to corrosion and resulting limited life has forced us to find an alternative for our projects and a demand for a material that would resist an alkaline and aggressive environment. Engineers and statics often encounter various chemical and physical impacts, particularly corrosion and induction in projects carried out in an aggressive environment, at seas, chemical factories, sewage treatment plants, transformer stations, military buildings, airports, hospitals and the like. After intensive development and certification exams, Fiber Tec Industry, the market enhancing system is based on a glass fiber-reinforced epoxy that meets the demands of durability, long service life, efficiency and reasonable cost.


Further research and development brought Fiber Tec and RV magnetics to unique product CONTROTEC-a revolutionary product in the construction industry. CONTROTEC is a composite reinforcement for concrete, which thanks to its unique composition can communicate with the central system RV magnetics from anywhere in the world. It ensures a non-stop contact between buildings and Fiber Tec Control which records all the data that investor requires. Our composite reinforcement contributes to hardening and dilatation of the concrete, thanks to what it can:

  • control the placement of reinforcement in the concrete (investor can control the actual position of the reinforcement)
  • monitor temperature of the concrete or masonry (important in the case of floors, wreaths, concrete curing blankets in order to know when to continue in the process of construction)
  • detect cracks, control amount of the concrete in the case of construction of tunnels and bridges
  • detect sinking and tilting of the building , monitor overall statics after natural disasters (earthquakes, explosions, landslide, etc.)

CONTROTEC can be installed to already finished buildings and constructions. Fiber Tec Control system will automatically detect and record physical changes within the building or construction. Ask for details.


Detectair special cleaning system

Utilizing this most unique cleaning system by special fogger (the Halo Disinfection System the HaloFogger™) a user-friendly, dry mist-dispensing device that delivers aerosolized disinfectant reaching into every nook, crack and corner in a room to kill 99.9 % disease-causing disinfecting technology in hospitals, hotels, schools, institution, offices brought hygiene on completely new level with us. With this technology primarily invented and focused on hospitals, we are bringing today new intangible value and competitive advantage to other sectors such as hospitality and office building. Demand for such a level of cleanliness became more and more considered as new and strategic level of safety and security.


Recycling waste processing with new product development

P&P Invest currently grows in ecological sector realizing its sustainability commitment with added economic value in fresh acquisitions of new waste processing plants, where we in our innovative separation, waste processing and new secondary products development for industrial sectors, created unexploited sources on new revenue streams. P&P invest R&D team are redesigning "unwanted" after processing and amending the "new face to waste " as from concrete for building highways so from plastic into new forms of oils and special products for military , private and public sectors.


Investing in distressed assets is our main activity, where we kept successfully detailed-oriented approach in selecting the right strategies for any type of distressed debt or equity re-structuring. We are buying and providing liquidity to parties seeking to exit troubled conditions. Across the distressed investment portfolio, our team brings innovation, added value to the restructuring process, working closely with all parties: sellers, management, teams and business owners to create solutions that deliver back their profits. Directly from property developers or bank owned (repossessed) property purchases, generating immediate cash flow from rental income while benefiting from the capital growth of the property itself, is where our network brings always the latest information of any market moves.


Distressed Securities and Assets investments

P&P professionals have broad industry experience with distressed assets including transactions and situation such as:

- Commercial and industrial operating companies
- Loan portfolios
- Commercial and residential real estate
- Structured financing products
- Full asset portfolios
- Operational turnarounds
- Financial restructuring

We are also focused in private equity investments, where we seek returns primarily through improved business operations. We look for and help as short-term so long-term investment horizon with portfolio also including wide range of companies in different industries around the globe.